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Module for the consult of zoosanitary requirements for imports

The Agreement was published on the Official Gazette and the first meeting for its presentation was held at INFARVET offices.

  • Published October 22, 2010 by DGSA
  • Non-Defined Material
  • Information DGSA
Module for the consult of zoosanitary requirements

The “AGREEMENT by which means are established for the consult of requirements for imports to national territory of merchandises regulated by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock Production, Rural Development, Fishery, and Food, in matters of animal health” was published on the Official Gazette.

In this way, this new Zoosanitary Requirements for Imports Inquiry Module [Modulo de Consulta de Requisitos Zoosanitarios para Importación or MCRZI, by its name and initials in Spanish] substitutes the procedure to obtain the Zoosanitary Requirement Form Modality “A” [tramite de obtencion de la Hoja de Requisitos Zoosanitarios Modalidad “A”, by its name in Spanish.] The module will be available on line on December 13, 2010, showing a novel system where the zoosanitary requirements for merchandises regulated by the General Head Office of Animal Health are presented.

Some advantages of the system include: short time in the procedure for issuing the import certificate; higher security in the compliance of the requirements established by the DGSA; more certainty for the users on the requirements to be applied for their imports; a design aimed to integrate SENASICA systems (program to simplify bureaucrat procedures for foreign trade in Mexico [Ventanilla Unica de Comercio Exterior de Mexico or VUCEM, by its name and initials in Spanish;]) it is linked to the Phytozoosanitary Inspection Information System [Sistema de Informacion de Inspeccion Fitozoosanitaria or SIIF, by its name and initials in Spanish] which is part of the General Head Office of Phytosanitary Inspection.

The new MCRZI system was presented to 55 attendees from the pharmaceutical industry, explaining the proper way to conduct the consults of the requirements:

- The procedure implying physical presence for the obtaining of the zoosanitary requirements form Modality “A,” is eliminated, and substituted by an electronic consult on the SENASICA official web page. In this way, the requirements for the import of merchandises regulated by SAGARPA that should be fulfilled at the point of entrance to Mexico would be easy to find;

- For those zoosanitary requirements that are not yet in the new system, the current procedure “Modality B” is kept (application form in writing and submitted to the proper window);

- The new system may be consulted by public in general and will be activated for its legal enforcement on Monday December 13.

This process is part of the efforts done by the federal government aimed to reduce procedures performed by users and to promote commercial activities, while safeguarding the sanitary guarantees for the country.

In case of doubts or explanations on this regard, please contact Dr. Graciela P. Peña Flores, MVZ, MSc; or Dr. Marcos Molina at the next telephone numbers: (55) 5905-1000, ext. 51177 and 51247

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