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If traveling with your dog or cat

traveler with pet

  In Mexico, only cats and dogs are considered pets for purposes of regulation


Upon entering Mexico…


You must contact official personnel from SAGARPA-SENASICA to issue an Importation Certificate for your pet, for this purpose, the official will carry out a physical and documental inspection in order to verify compliance with the following requirements:


1.  Present an original Certificate of Health and copy with the following elements:


   -  Issued by an official veterinary from the proper authority or, it this veterinary has a private practice, on letterhead, with his or her professional identification number printed on the document, or a photocopy of the identification (or equivalent).


   - Name and address of exporter (in country of origin or from where the pet is being sent) and of the importer (address of destination in Mexico).


   - Date of rabies shot and its expiration date (animals less than three months of age are exempt).


   - That in the inspection prior to their trip, the animal(s) was/were found clinically healthy.


   - That the animal(s) has/have been internally and externally dewormed within the last six months and are free of ectoparasites. (THIS REQUIREMENT DOES NOT APPLY FOR PETS WHOSE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN OR FROM WHERE THEY ARE BEING SENT IS THE USA OR CANADA).


   If you comply with the aforementioned, you must contact a veterinary (of your choice and on your own account, within Mexico), who will issue the certificate of health and will apply the corresponding treatment.


2.   Your pet must enter inside of a clean, bedless carrier or container, without implements or accessories. If these are found, the items will be removed and destroyed. The carrier or container will receive a preventive spray treatment by official personnel from SAGARPA-SENASICA.


3.  You will be able to enter with the daily ration of loose, balanced pet food. We will remind you that, in Mexico, this type of food is available at Registration and Authorization at SAGARPA-SENASICA.


4.  If you send your documented pet as cargo, verify the requirements at the airline of your choice and consider the need to use the services of a customs agent for its discharge with Customs.




If you are transporting more than three pets, you must cover the cost of the Animal Sanitation Importation Certificate ($2,042.00 pesos, subject to change, according to the current Federal Rights Law). The payment can be made with the e5cinco form at a bank or online, learn about the information you need at:


Hoja de Ayuda


Compliance with the regulations established by SAGARPA/SENASICA does not exempt your from complying with the requirements of other authorities or airlines at your point of entry into Mexico.

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